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CAM Tree Service Tree Company

Tree Company


In the verdant heart of Middletown, Rhode Island, Cam Tree Service has carved its name as an industry leader in tree management. The company, an embodiment of quality service, environmental responsibility, and professional expertise, offers a diverse range of services tailored to both residential and commercial properties. By taking a visit to, one can quickly appreciate their commitment to both the beauty and safety of our shared environment.

Cam Tree Service: Trusted Tree Service Company

Cam Tree Service boasts decades of experience, ensuring that they understand the unique needs of every tree, shrub, and lawn they encounter. Their team of certified arborists and tree care professionals employs advanced tools and techniques to carry out all tasks. From tree pruning to emergency storm damage recovery, their passion for preserving and enhancing the environment is clearly evident in every project they undertake.

Extensive Range of Services

Tree Removal

Safety and efficiency are paramount when it comes to tree removal. Cam Tree Service makes it a priority to minimize risk to both people and property during the process. Their trained staff, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, ensure that even the most difficult trees are removed safely and effectively.

Pruning and Trimming

Cam Tree Service understands the crucial role pruning and trimming play in maintaining tree health and enhancing the aesthetics of your landscape. Their arborists adeptly prune trees to improve their structural integrity, increase light penetration, and manage the health of the tree.

Emergency Tree Care

Storms can leave behind a trail of damaged trees and scattered debris. The rapid response team at Cam Tree Service is always on standby to assist with any emergency tree care needs.

Stump Grinding

An unsightly stump can detract from the beauty of a landscape. Cam Tree Service's professional stump grinding services ensure the complete removal of stumps, improving the appearance and safety of your outdoor space.

Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

Cam Tree Service's commitment to customer satisfaction is as deep-rooted as the trees they tend. Their prompt, professional service, coupled with transparent pricing, has cultivated trust and loyalty among their clientele. Testimonials available on provide a testament to their high level of customer service.

Sustainable Practices

Cam Tree Service is more than just a business; it's a steward of the environment. They adhere to sustainable practices, promoting biodiversity, reducing waste, and advocating for the overall well-being of the local ecology. Their commitment to the environment truly sets them apart from other tree service companies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How quickly can Cam Tree Service respond to emergency calls?

Cam Tree Service takes emergencies seriously. They maintain a 24/7 emergency line, ensuring a prompt response to your emergency tree care needs.

Is Cam Tree Service fully insured?

Yes, Cam Tree Service is fully insured. They prioritize safety and ensure that all jobs are performed under comprehensive insurance coverage.

What areas does Cam Tree Service cover?

Cam Tree Service is based in Middletown, RI, but they also serve the surrounding areas. For further details, one can contact them through their website, Off the top Middletown, Portsmouth, Newport, Tiverton and Bristol to name a few. If you do not see your town or city listed please call us.

Tree Services

Tree services are essential not just for the aesthetics of your home or business, but also for safety and property value. Well-maintained trees can add to the appeal and worth of your property, while unhealthy or overgrown trees pose potential hazards. With professional tree services, such as regular trimming and pruning, the health and longevity of your trees are optimized, enhancing your landscape's beauty. Furthermore, prompt tree removal services eliminate risks associated with falling branches or trees, protecting people and infrastructure. So, investing in professional tree services yields both immediate and long-term benefits for your home or business.

Tree Removal Services

When it comes to exceptional tree services, the locally-owned Cam Tree Service takes great pride in providing an array of comprehensive solutions. From tree trimming and pruning to enhance your landscape and improve plant health care, to safe and efficient tree removal services, they've got you covered. Their capable team, equipped with a bucket truck, ensures that even large trees are handled with utmost care.

Understanding the unpredictability of tree-related emergencies, Cam Tree Service is always ready to provide prompt emergency services. Whether it's a storm-damaged tree threatening your property or a bothersome stump that needs removal, they respond in a timely manner, mitigating risks and restoring the beauty of your environment.

As a business owner, ensuring customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. That's why they offer free estimates, providing you with an upfront and fair assessment of the work to be done. So, whether you want to plant new trees or need tree care for existing ones, reach out to Cam Tree Service today. With their excellent service at a great price, they stand by their commitment to deliver high-quality tree care solutions tailored to your needs.


Cam Tree Service stands tall as a symbol of high-quality, reliable, and environmentally responsible tree care service in Middletown, RI. Their dedication to providing top-tier service, their commitment to customer satisfaction, and their unwavering responsibility to the environment set them apart from the competition. Whether you need routine tree care or emergency response, Cam Tree Service remains your reliable partner, preserving the beauty and health of your environment one tree at a time.

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